"You want it? Come and get it, you sick freak.-Stephanie Brown, Detective Comics #796

StephZsasz StephZsasz2

Real name: Victor Zsasz

Steph's first confrontation with Zsasz was in Robin #95, where he ran at her, Batman, and Huntress within the confines of Arkham Asylum in an attempt to kill them. He was quickly dispatched with a well placed palm strike from Stephanie, a punch from Huntress and another punch from Batman.

Stephanie tangled with Zsasz as Robin in Detective Comics #796. The serial killer, who marks off his victims by carving his own skin with a knife, attempted to kidnap Stephanie from Batman and slit her throat. However, she was wearing a turtleneck kevlar cape, so it didn't work, and Stephanie bit his hand and then spat the blood into his eyes, temporarily blinding him. Zsasz whacked Stephanie across the room and Batman came to the rescue only to be beaten down himself. Stephanie stopped Zsasz from killing Batman with a martial arts move and then grabbed Zsasz's knife and flipped across the room, telling Zsasz to "come and get it." She distracted Zsasz so Batman could take him down in one punch from behind.

Batman reprimanded Stephanie for using a martial arts move on Zsasz that would have been lethal if his nose wasn't already broken (it involved something about his cartilage piercing his brain which makes no sense). He did not fire her at that time though.

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