So, with the announcement of Batman and Robin Eternal (also known as Batman Eternal Year 2), there have been tons of well-deserved proclaimations of joy at Cass's long awaited and unjustly denied return. However, as a Steph fan, I've been worried that Steph, who was such a bright spot in Batman Eternal, won't be returning. I have to think she'll at least cameo, since she's living with Harper, and the writers are fans of Steph's history, so making Cass and Steph friends seems like it would be a priority - but it's a worry I have as a Steph fan.

However, because the Cass Cain appearances was so unjustly denied for so long, and we Steph fans got her back a whole year and a half earlier, I've been hesitant to post about it on other sites or in other discussions. Too many Cass fans are furious with Steph fans because they perceive us as entitled, and constantly ignoring Cass in favor of Steph. Well, I think some of that is justified, but also, some people just like Steph more. I'm one of those fans, even though I do really like Cass.

And I will say it here, on the Steph wiki: I want Steph to be back for good. I want her to be so prominant, like Oracle or Batgirl, that writers can't ignore her for years.

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