"Insect girl here calls herself Tiger Moth. Guess she got in line late and all of the good names were taken. But she announced it real dramatic like-to explain why neither of us can lay a hand on her. No pun intended, but I don't get the connection." -Stephanie Brown, Robin 127

Stephanie as Robin IV and Batman fought this flying female villain briefly in Robin #127.

Though, as Stephanie put it, "not a fighter", she was able to scramble Batman and Robin's senses so they were unable to hit her. Stephanie accidentally knocked into Tiger Moth however, and despite her scrambled senses was able to hold on to her. She tied the villain up with her grappling hook, which she managed to shoot and attach to the roof, despite the fact she had to keep her eyes closed to keep her senses from getting confused. Slowly, Batman and Stephanie were able to reel Tiger Moth in and contain her.

Tiger Moth was apparently working for local mob boss Henry Aquista, who was under control of Johnny Warlock at the time. Her job was to draw Batman and Robin out of hiding so Scarab could get specs on Tim. (Scarab was unaware that Steph had taken the job) Tiger Moth used electronics to scramble the all new Dynamic Duo's senses, much like a real Tiger Moth scrambles the honing sonar of a real bat.