...And your daughter...there's a big question mark over her head... -Eddie Nigma, Robin 113

Real name: Edward Nashton

Alias: Edward Nigma.

Briefly teamed up with Steph's dad on a heist that never made it, due to Arthur's arrest and fake death. Shacked out in Steph's house and got groceries thrown at him by Mrs. Brown.

After Arthur's death, Steph went to question Eddie about her father. He was unable to give a straight answer, despite the fact she promised to give him the keys to Arthur's safe deposit box. (He's mentally unbalanced, poor guy) This naturally made Steph angry and she beat the crap out of him, then left. He was mildly interested in what her deal is. But not enough to do anything about it apparently.


Robin (92)
Birds of Prey (40)
Robin (112)
Robin (113)

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