It's just...this mask itches...- Czonka, Robin #4

The Baffler

Real name: Czonka

Other aliases: Headbanger

First appeared in Robin #3, working with the The Cluemaster and The Electrocutioner. His stupidity got all three of them captured by #5.

He also appeared in Batman: Huntress/Spoiler: Blunt Trauma, escaping from jail along with Firefly, Ratcatcher, and Cluemaster, only to be quickly taken out by Huntress.

Kidnapped Steph and later Tim in Robin #43-#44. He was going to leave them to die in a building slated for demolition, but ended up hitting his head on a pipe and passing out so he was trapped with them. Tim broke his thumb to escape from the cuffs (a trick Steph apparently later used in War Games). He untied Steph and together with Czonk, they escaped. Czonk was so excited with this, he suggested Steph, Tim and him should be a team. Spoiler and Robin responded by punching him in the face together.