"New Life"
Teen titans 17 cover
Teen Titans #17
December 31, 1997
Written by Dan Jurgens
Cover by Phil Jimenez, Dan Jurgens, Patrick Martin
Pencilled by Dan Jurgens
Inked by Phil Jimenez
Colored by Gregory Wright
Lettering by Comicraft
Edited by Eddie Berganza, Dana Kurtin
Previous Issue Robin/Argent: Double-Shot
Next Issue Robin #50

Robin: “Maybe, but not full time...I’ve got enough on my plate!” Spoiler: “Like Me!”

The team has a membership drive before taking on the Veil in "New Life". Script and pencils by Dan Jurgens, inks by Phil Jimenez. Cameos by Impulse, Max Mercury, Damage, Supergirl, Robin and Spoiler.

Summary of Stephness: Robin has gone to Metropolis to try out for the Teen Titans and Spoiler comes along, but Robin decides he has enough to do already which Steph reminds him of. Arsenal makes sure their “No Thank You” note is delivered and if they are ever in trouble to give them a call.

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