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Is there any reason some section links got removed? It's now very difficult to actually access this stuff. The appearances-link for example. Why did it get removed? Also, almost all of the pages are not in categories, which makes nagigation very difficult. As it is right now, the who wiki is... kind of messy. Some tips:

-Return all relevant section links to the main page

-Create a logical section system that makes finding stuff much easier (for example, all "Robin" issues are in one category, which in return is in the main category "Appearances")

-Put all pictures in special categories as well Trust me, you save yourself tons of grief that way.

Precending unsigned comment by 12:51, May 2, 2015 (UTC)

Response: Section links were not removed - they were consolidated into "Character Pages." I'm working on the Chronology page as the central page for Appearances, but Appearances still exists in the Character Pages subpage.

The reason for the consolidation is that the list of section links is really, really long, and I wanted to get more of the main page in the screen without scrolling.  My hope was that people would use the Chronology to access issues, as I have been using that as the primary location for adding Steph appearances, and haven't updated the actually Appearances pages at this time.

As for catagories - I haven't yet decided how exactly to catagorize things yet, which is why most pages weren't added to any. I should note that this wiki dates back to 2007, and was I believe migrated from an earlier version. Thus, the lack of catagories is an ongoing project that you, of course, are free to help out with! This is, after all, a wiki, which runs on the contributions of fans like yourself. While I certainly have some goals on the wiki, I'm always happy to have fellow contributors.

The wiki is absolutely messy. I'm torn between trying to clean it up and also keep it updated with new Steph appearances.

Again, I would welcome another contributor!  Feel free to be bold and edit things you think should be changed. I appreciate your opening up of a topic to explain your experience and suggestions!

Ibmiller (talk) 14:23, May 5, 2015 (UTC)