"Collision, Part One"
Rr 009 angry scanner cps 001
Red Robin #9
February 3, 2010
Written by Christopher Yost
Cover by Marcus To, Ray McCarthy
Pencilled by Marcus To
Inked by Ray McCarthy
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Edited by Janelle Siegel, Mike Marts
Previous Issue Batgirl #7
Next Issue Batgirl #8

Steph: "Tim?...I'm not wearing the Spoiler costume anymore. Just like you asked."

Red Robin returns to Gotham City as "Collision" begins! Now armed with the knowledge that Bruce Wayne is lost in time, what is Tim Drake going to do about it?

Summary of Stephness: Faced with a threat to all the people he loves by Ra's al Ghul, Tim races to the Batcave, thinking, "No time for ego, hurt feelings, petty's all in the past. I need help. I can't do this by myself...I can't think of anyone's help I wouldn't take right about now."

He is then confronted with Steph in full Batgirl uniform, smiling at him and saying, "Tim? Uh, hi. Hey, good news. I'm not wearing the Spoiler costume anymore. Just like you asked."

To be continued in Batgirl #8!

Other Formats/Collected In:
Digital Comic Book
Red Robin: Collision TPB

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