May 29th

Lee Garbett updated his twitter with the title page from Batgirl #11.

May 16th

Batgirl #13 solicit is up at the source


Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER
Clayface infiltrates Gotham City Bank & Trust looking to make a sizable withdrawal. There’s just one problem: waiting in line at the bank is Stephanie Brown – Batgirl! But when Clayface begins morphing into different people, Batgirl must hold the entire bank hostage until she can uncover and stop him!
On sale AUGUST 11 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

May 14th

Batgirl #10 is out! Scans are available here and on the wiki as usual, thanks to Levrai! Ya'll just have to deal with my lateness, I'm busy.

May 11th

Lee Garbett updated his Twitter with a page from Batgirl #11! Here! Remember, Batgirl #10 out tomorrow!

May 10th

So, I'm back from exams and back to updating this site- Red Robin #12 came out last week and included Steph. Scans will be up shortly, for now have this preview from two weeks ago, which includes Steph.

Also, the preview for Batgirl #10 is up- it comes out this Wednesday!

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