relationship: partner

Name: Helena Bertinelli

Alias: Huntress

History: Huntress and Spoiler met in Spoiler/Huntress: Blunt Trauma. The two bonded over similar ideals and family problems, though Steph got freaked out when Huntress tried to kill The Cluemaster, as she mentioned later in Robin #56. The two teamed up again, along with Batman in Last Laugh #6 and Robin #95.

When The Calculator brainwashed everyone in Gotham to attack Barbara Gordon. Helena, along with Man-Bat and Catwoman attacked Stephanie in order to get at her in Batgirl (third series) (10). Steph managed to take out Catwoman before Huntress went after her. Steph thought to herself "No way in hell am I walking away from a fight against "No-questionable-morals-action-Huntress." But that's never stopped me before, right?" She throws batarangs at Huntress, who deflects them with her staff. Eventually she gives Huntress the slip by going down the sewer, pelting Helena with exploding batarangs to keep the brainwashed hero from following. Batgirl (third series) (11)