"Book Four: Scars"
Gotham Underground #4
January 23, 2008
Written by Frank Tieri
Cover by J. Calafiore
Pencilled by J. Calafiore
Inked by Jack Purcell
Colored by Brian Reber
Lettering by Randy Gentile
Edited by Jeanine Schaefer, Mike Marts
Previous Issue Robin #170
Next Issue Gotham Underground #5

Yeah...Spoiler...but she can't be...can she? - Tim Drake

Did Zsasz really kill Batman? This question and more are answered as the mad scramble for control of the Gotham Underground kicks into high gear! Plus, the Scarecrow turns on the Ventriloquist, Nightwing continues to gain the Penguin's trust, and Robin gets surprise -attacked by someone wearing an extremely familiar costume!

Summary of Stephness: Wildcat, apparently forgetting the Robin 80-Page Giant where he met Spoiler (he's old, I guess) asks who the intruder is. Tim responds and, shocked, tries to unmask this Spoiler, but she disappears before he can, and blows up Oracle's computers while she's at it.

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