Interview of Genevieve Valentine by Comicosity Edit

Valentine answered a question about Stephanie's upcoming appearance in Catwoman 42 and 43:

MSG: Speaking of spoilers, we did see Stephanie Brown on the cover of issue #42 for July. We know that she interacted with Selina in Batman Eternal, but what can you tell us about your take on the character?

GV: I think Stephanie Brown is a fantastic character — a scapper [sic] from the ground up. It’s something that Selina would instantly understand and probably quietly resent, both at the same time.

Their interaction in Batman Eternal was hilarious, and also incredibly aggravating to Stephanie, so by the time she shows up in Catwoman, she’s come to collect. It’s probably the perfect starting point for anybody in Selina’s life, because every good relationship should start with a huge fight. It’s like she wants to take everyone’s measure. Can you stand up against me? If you can, we will proceed.

When Stephanie shows up, she is looking for something very particular from Catwoman, and when Selina is not willing to provide it, Stephanie is undaunted. She is going to take it wherever she can find it. And one of the reasons that I’m so excited to have this larger cast of women is that when Stephanie starts looking around for someone to fill this role in her life, there’s a couple of takers.

Good to see Valentine excited about Stephanie!