Young schizophrenic Dylan Arthur Prescott was affected catastrophically when he got near Natalia Mitternacht, whose body gave off pheromones that dissolved inhibitions. For him, this meant visions and voices in great detail, so to make the voices stop, he attacked Natalia. Stephanie saw this and knocked Prescott out before he could do any real harm to her. After that, she took him to jail, where for 33 hours he was off his medication. His condition got worse.

He saw Stephanie had saved Natalia from a fire. Referring to her as "purple girl" he became convinced Natalia was a "witch" and the only reason Stephanie repeatedly saved her was because she was unaware of this. He decided "purple girl" would help him, but in order to do this, he needed to get her attention.

He ran into Natalia at a train station (she had run away from Stephanie when she overheard Steph contacting Natalia's estranged mother) and took her hostage in hopes that Steph would come. Both Tim and Steph arrived, and Steph convinced Prescott to drop the shard of mirror he was threatening Natalia with, by pretending to believe him about Natalia's "witchcraft".

However, the disturbed Prescott hallucinated that Steph had turned into a demon, and ran away directly onto the third rail of the train tracks, and sadly died.