"Inquiring Minds"
Detective Comics -647 pg00
Detective Comics #647
June 23, 1992
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Matt Wagner
Pencilled by Tom Lyle
Inked by Scott Hanna
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by John Costanza
Edited by Scott Peterson, Denny O'Neil
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Stephanie: "Yeah, I'm going out soon."

First appearance of Stephanie Brown! The Cluemaster is out of prison and cured of his compulsion to leave clues at his crime scenes, freeing him to perpetrate his schemes without the intervention of Batman and Robin.

Summary of Stephness: The first appearance of Stephanie EVER! Arthur Brown, aka the Cluemaster is up to his old tricks after supposedly being "cured" of being a criminal. However, what he's REALLY been cured of is his compulsive desire to leave clues. But Batman and Robin are getting clues anyway. They appear to be coming from a blonde teenage girl, mailing letters from home. First we see her watching the news, then while she's writing letters, her mother comes in. Stephanie quickly hides her letters behind her back and claims to be doing a math project. Her mother asks her if she's going out and if she can pick up some prescription meds for her. Stephanie tells her mother she's taking too many pills, which her mother waves off with an "I'm sick," and asks once again if she's going out. Stephanie replies yes, clutching her letters.

Later, as Arthur kills the leader of the gang and begins to plot his crime with the remaining members, we see the Spoiler eavesdropping on him.

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