Stephanie Brown's sexualized death and torture, coupled with the fact she didn't get a case in the Batcave unlike Jason Todd (who died, like Stephanie, after he was fired as Robin and disobeyed orders), AND tons of scorn from editorial in the direction of her fans (With quotes like "It was her fault she died" and "She wasn't REALLY Robin") has generated tons of controversy among the fan community, particularly the feminist sect.

To combat the growing lack of awareness that Steph was part of the legend, we are constructing a new Steph as Robin page!

The recent reveal that she was alive all along, and the explanation that the reason she didn't have a memorial is because Batman suspected this, has mollified many fans.

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Recent Developments:

-In Action Comics # 859, set in the 31st century, what looked like a case for Stephanie was among several others in a long abandoned Batcave.

-In Batman # 673, Bruce Wayne has what appears to be a hallucination, and refers sadly to the Robins he's lost. Along with a memorial case for Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, there also seems to be a case for Stephanie Brown.

-In Robin # 170, Tim Drake notes Steph's lack of memorial bitterly.

-In Booster Gold # 5, on Rip Hunter's chalkboard along with several time anomalies listed, is also the writing "No Trophy = Stephanie?" implying the lack of case may be a result of a glitch in time.

-In both Gotham Underground and the Robin title, a mysterious Spoiler has been appearing. Several signs are pointing to her being Stephanie, not least her unmasking when Robin (Tim Drake) wasn't looking, and showing her to be someone who looked very similar to how Steph used to look. A Robin/Spoiler Special was also solicited in June, not to mention, Chuck Dixon, Stephanie's creator, said there will be a Spoiler miniseries and she will be a regular in Robin.

-STEPHANIE IS ALIVE! Revealed in Robin # 174.

-Stephanie was added to the Robin section of the official DC encyclopedia, as well as her Spoiler profile being more expansive.

-Steph has a memorial in the Batcave along with Jason, Dick, Pre-Crisis Jason (?), and an empty case (for Tim? Geez) in the second part of Batman RIP.

-Steph's memorial case is referenced in Batgirl #2, as the only way you can get one is if you die, retire, or like Steph, become someone else.