"Cry, Uncle"
Batman Chronicles -22 pg00
The Batman Chronicles #22
August 30, 2000
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Jordan Raskin
Pencilled by Gordon Purcell
Inked by Danny Miki
Colored by Glenn Whitmore
Lettering by Tim Harkins
Edited by Frank Berrios, Matt Idelson
Previous Issue Robin #65
Next Issue Robin #68
The deadly Lady Shiva takes center stage in a story that finds the assassin in Paris, attempting to settle the score with a hired killer who crossed her path years before. Plus, a mission for Ra's Al Ghul goes dangerously wrong for his daughter, Talia; and the Spoiler (from the pages of Robin) must face a bad seed in her family.

Summary of Stephness: For the first time since her baby was born, over a year after the last time she ventured out as a vigilante, Steph kicks the butt of her uncle, who like her father, has followed the path of crime.

Behind the Scenes: Stephanie's hair was originally miss-colored red in this story. However, I (wiki creator nevermore999) have a mental problem, so I recolored it blonde in these scans out of annoyance. Enjoy!

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