"Blood Matters, Part 2: Turning Abel"
Batgirl 72 Cover
Batgirl #72
January 18, 2006
Written by Andersen Gabrych
Cover by Tim Sale
Pencilled by Francisco Rodriguez de la Fuente
Inked by Rodney Ramos, Jesse Delperdang
Colored by Jason Wright
Lettering by Patrick Brosseau
Edited by Michael Wright
Previous Issue Gotham Central #35
Next Issue Robin #147

Cassandra: "Stephanie? Am I--? Oh, no. Did I--?
Stephanie: "Yes. And it's okay. You saved them. Now, shhh...lemme tell you a story."

A mystery in Batgirl's past that has been building for years is about to be revealed! Who is Batgirl's mother? Batgirl is about to find out, but her mind will be on other things, as she's trapped in a life-and-death struggle with her animalistic "brother" Mad Dog! And when we say "life-and-death," we mean it! No tricks. No jokes. One of these characters will die at the hands of the other!

Summary of Stephness: After Batgirl is killed protecting two members of the League of Assassins from the knife of her crazed "brother" Mad Dog, Lady Shiva picks her up and carries her away. The scene fades out, and then in a burst of light, we are in the afterlife, and it is Stephanie (sans mask) who is carrying an uninjured Cassandra, who babbles, "Stephanie-? Am I? Oh no...Did I-?"

And Stephanie (oddly smiling) says "Yes. And it's okay. You saved them. Now, shhhh...Lemme tell you a story."

The next page we hear Steph's narration, and see a flashback containing Cassandra's father, David Cain. Stephanie says, "A long time ago...the lonely hunter's dreams kept dying. And he realized the problem. The children were not HIS children. Not of his flesh, his blood. His strength. He realized to have the perfect child, he needed the perfect be the perfect mother. And so, the lonely hunter searched the world looking for her. And one day, in the far off kingdom of Detroit, Michigan, Cain found his perfect bride. And he killed her."

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