000-Batgirl 053 Rembrandt-DCP
Batgirl #53
June 30, 2004
Written by Dylan Horrocks
Cover by James Jean
Pencilled by Dave Ross
Inked by Jesse Delperdang
Colored by Jason Wright
Lettering by Clem Robins
Edited by Michael Wright
Previous Issue Robin #127
Next Issue Solo #10
Cass: "Robin?"
Steph: "You betcha, sister!"

Batgirl and the new Robin vs. the Penguin! This issue features the historic first team-up of Cassandra Cain and the new Girl Wonder! And their first foe is one of Batman's deadliest baddies: the sinister and crafty Penguin!

Summary of Stephness: Cassandra is facing down some of The Penguin's thugs with some very high tech guns she might not be able to dodge. Oracle calls in Robin for help, and Stephanie bursts in and takes down her friend's assailant with a batarang and a kick to the face. Stephanie and Cassandra team up to track down these new guns and the Penguin.

Stephanie cheerfully confides to her best friend how happy she is to be Robin as they grapple through Gotham. Eventually the two girls track down one of the Penguin's crew, who is dropping his daughter off. They confront the battered man and Cassandra figures out through his body language that the man is scared for his daughter, and that Penguin is using the thugs' children as couriers for the guns. Stephanie and Cass burst in just in time to save the seven year old girl from being killed by a buyer. The scared child runs off and threatens Cass with the gun she's carrying, but Stephanie calms her down.

The two girls find the Penguin, and Stephanie is so angry she begins to beat him senseless and has to be stopped by a gentle word from Cassandra.

The last page has Stephanie reflecting on the first time her father was arrested and she asks Cassandra when it will ever stop, looking sadly down at the girl they rescued. Cass is unable to answer, and Stephanie shoots away on a grappling hook.


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