"Fists of Fury, Part Four"
Batgirl 26 cover
Batgirl #26
March 6, 2002
Written by Scott Peterson
Cover by Robert Campanella, Patrick Martin, Damion Scott
Pencilled by Vince Giarrano
Inked by Jesse Delperdang
Colored by Jason Wright, Digital Chameleon
Lettering by John Costanza
Edited by Michael Wright
Previous Issue Robin #99
Next Issue Robin #100

Steph: "Okay already! Sheesh! You'd think I'd never gone up against a psychotic hostage holding, martial arts master who wants to kill Batgirl before!"

After the shocking events of issue #25 and Batgirl's fight to the death with Lady Shiva, Cassandra is...well...we're not sure? Is she dead or alive? A fanatical follower of Shiva is on the streets looking for Batgirl, and the only "Bat-Girl" Oracle can throw at him now is Spoiler. But is Spoiler up to the task of battling a member of an elite ninja cult?

Summary of Stephness: Cass is out of commission after her battle with Lady Shiva, as a concerned Stephanie and Oracle discuss her constant sleeping and what went on in the fight. They are interrupted when a worshiper from the Cult of Shiva takes a hostage and demands Batgirl appear. To Oracle's dismay, Stephanie goes after the worshiper, who is a master of martial arts. Stephanie begins to doubt herself, and envisions Batgirl telling her that she can do it. She lures the worshiper away when he mistakes her for Batgirl, but falls off the roof when part of it splinters. She and the worshiper land in front of the temple devoted to Shiva. The worshiper wishes to regain his honor after running when Shiva arrived at the temple by dying at Batgirl's hand. When the worshiper manages to hit Steph in the ensuing fight, he realizes she cannot possibly be Batgirl and knocks her to the floor, threatening to kill her and the cops when they arrive. Stephanie imagines Batgirl again, this time telling her she failed and that Batman's trust in her was misplaced. Getting angry, Stephanie backhands the worshiper and makes like she's running out of the temple, only to run up the wall, do an aerial flip, and kick the man in the back of the head, knocking him unconscious with a triumphant "Worship that." She goes back to the Clock Tower and enters Cass's room and sees her Batgirl vision once again telling her, "Good job." But the vision of Batgirl soon disappears immediately, leaving Stephanie alone with a comatose Cassandra.


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