Batgirl 20 cover
Batgirl #20
September 5, 2001
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Robert Campanella, Patrick Martin, Damion Scott
Pencilled by Damion Scott
Inked by Robert Campanella
Colored by Gregory Wright, Digital Chameleon
Lettering by John Costanza
Edited by Michael Wright
Previous Issue Robin #93
Next Issue Robin #94

Spoiler: "We have the same kind of mask. What's your's-"
Batgirl: "Quiet."
Spoiler: "...made of?"

Batgirl reluctantly must seek the help of Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler, to help solve a kidnapping that's been plaguing The Hill. The Spoiler has the one advantage over Cassandra that will make or break this case; she can read!

Summary of Stephness: After witnessing a bunch of thugs kill each other, Batgirl finds a ransom note. Unfortunately, Cass is unable to read. So she must turn to Stephanie Brown, who is allowed to team up with her on the case in exchange for the location on the note. Cass and Steph stumble into the middle of a brotherly feud, one brother has pretended to be kidnapped to get the ransom money from the other brother. Cass and Steph easily dispatch the thugs, and after throwing the guns into the water, Steph offers to teach Cass to read, if in exchange Cass will teach her "that trick with the batarang."


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