This archives all the comic book issues Stephanie has appeared in during the Post-Crisis continuity, complete with covers, credits, summaries, a review section, and some thumbnailed scans. The summaries give a run -down on all of Steph's actions in each individual issue so naturally contain spoilers (in more ways than one, ha ha, I kill me) as do the reviews. If I have missed any appearances, please put the relevant information in the right category. You are welcome to edit any section to include your reviews, thumbnails, or other relevant information as well as edit inacurracies as long as you follow the rules of Internet conduct, don't destroy anyone else's work, ect. All covers and thumbnails are copyright DC Comics. My rule concerning thumbnails is no more than six scans, so as not to infringe on any copyrights. All scans must contain Stephanie, or at least talk about her.



Batgirl (third series)


Batman and the Outsiders

Batman Chronicles

Batman Family

Batman: Huntress/Spoiler: Blunt Trauma #1

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

Batman: The 12 Cent Adventure

Batman Secret Files & Origins

Batman: The Return #1

Birds of Prey

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home


DCU Holiday Bash

Detective Comics

Gotham Gazette

Gotham Knights

Gotham Underground

Green Arrow (2001)

JLA: Welcome to the Working Week

Justice Society of America

Joker: Last Laugh


Red Robin


Robin 80 Page Giant

Robin/Argent Double Shot

Robin/Spoiler Special

Secret Origins 80 Page Giant

Showcase '95


Supergirl (fifth series)

Teen Titans (second series)

Teen Titans (third series)

Tiny Titans

The Web

Wonder Woman

World's Finest

Young Justice


Batgirl: Batgirl Rising

Batgirl: Death Wish

Batgirl: Destruction's Daughter
Batgirl: Fists of Fury
Batgirl: Kicking Assassins
Batman: Battle for the Cowl HC
Batman: Cataclysm
Batman: Joker: Last Laugh
Gotham Underground TPB
Green Arrow: Quiver

Red Robin: Collision
Red Robin: The Grail
Robin: Flying Solo

Robin: Search For a Hero

Robin: The Teen Wonder
Robin: Unmasked
Robin: Violent Tendencies
Teen Titans: Beast Boys and Girls
Teen Titans: Changing of the Guard
War Drums
War Games Act 1: Outbreak
War Games Act 2: Tides
War Games Act 3: Endgame