Heroes Edit

Helena Bertinelli -met in HUNTRESS/SPOILER BLUNT TRAUMA #1

Cassandra Cain -met in ROBIN #88

Tim Drake -met in DETECTIVE COMICS #648

Barbara Gordon -met in BATGIRL #21

Dick Grayson -met in JOKER: LAST LAUGH #6

Connor Hawke -met in ROBIN #25

Wendy Harris -met in Batgirl (third series) #8

Selina Kyle -met in BATMAN FAMILY #2'

Dinah Lance -met in ROBIN EIGHTY PAGE GIANT #1

Bruce Wayne -met in DETECTIVE COMICS #648

Damian Wayne aka Robin V- officially met in (BATGIRL (third series) #5

Kara Zor-El -met in World's Finest #3

Acquainted Heroes Edit

The following are heroes with whom Stephanie has shared a panel, appeared near in a comic book, or was shown meeting. The encounters were notable but do not necessarily warrant ally status due to the brevity of the encounters.

Amy Allen, aka Bombshell -- nearly got in a fight with her at Titans Tower (TEEN TITANS (third series) #66)

Clark Kent, aka Superman -- met in WORLD'S FINEST # 4

Cassandra Sandsmark, aka Wonder Girl -- met and exchanged pleasant words at Titans Tower. (TEEN TITANS (third series) #66)

Diana of Themyscria, aka Wonder Woman -- teamed up with to defeat sinister cyber-sirens (WONDER WOMAN #600)

Dawn Granger, aka Dove -- teamed up with in Bruce Wayne the Road Home: Oracle

Greta Hayes, aka Secret (referred to as "Suzie" until YOUNG JUSTICE #42) -- had a physical confrontation/big cat fight over Robin (YOUNG JUSTICE #30)

Hank Hall, aka Hawk -- teamed up with in Bruce Wayne the Road Home: Oracle

John Raymond Jr. aka The Web- Met in The Web (3)

Jenni Lynn-Hayden, aka Jade -- shown standing near in the same panel (WONDER WOMAN #175)

Karen Starr, aka Power Girl -- helped capture Jokerized badgirls (JOKER: LAST LAUGH #3)

Klarion the Witch Boy -- teamed up in Batgirl (third series) #18

Kirk Langstrom, aka Man-Bat -- met in Batgirl (third series) #10

Kon-el (Conner Kent), aka Superboy -- got into an argument with her as Robin (TEEN TITANS (third series) #13)

Kyle Rayner aka Green Lantern - shown standing near in the same panel (WONDER WOMAN #175)

Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow I -- met briefly (GREEN ARROW #5-- current GA series)

Roy Harper, aka Arsenal -- met briefly (TEEN TITANS #17-- second version of Teen Titans series)

Ted Grant, aka Wildcat --met in ROBIN EIGHTY PAGE GIANT #1

Toni Louise Monetti, aka Argent- - worked on one case together (ROBIN/ARGENT DOUBLE-SHOT #1)

Traci Thirteen, aka Traci 13 or Girl 13 -- They made friends and sparred in Titans tower. (TEEN TITANS (third series) #66)

Teams Edit

-Birds of Prey

-Teen Titans

-Young Justice

Non-heroes Edit

Alfred Pennyworth -met in Robin (88)

Ghoul - met in Batgirl (third series) (9)

James Gordon- met in Batgirl (third series) (4) Dr. Leslie Thompkins -- faked Stephanie's death and took her to Africa

Nick Gage- met in Batgirl (third series) (3)

Prudence- met in Red Robin (10)